We design one of a kind events.

Design is essential to creating a bold, luxurious, unforgettable event. As your event designer, I will ensure not a single detail is overlooked––from the tablescapes to the scent of the room. I will even bring in a personal stylist to make sure you feel confident and ready to host. Let’s design an event that guests will be talking about for years to come.



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We design singular spaces.

One of the best ways to express your personal style is through your home. As your interior designer, I want to help you design a home that is true to you. I will help you choose everything from the moulding to the trinkets on the mantle. Together, we can design a home that takes risks, pushes boundaries, and leaves every guest awe-inspired.


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Love Notes from Our Past Clients


It was nothing short of amazing and we know that you played a leading role in making it so. You were so professional and thorough. You left nothing to chance. No worries were necessary.
— Floyd, F.O.B (AMBER)
CAE76 delivers depth and detail. Tamara and her team understand the complexity of an event experience and know how to execute it. Being able to work with her was a BLESSING!
— Bridgette | Dinner Party
Tamara made the entire event one that will always remember with the fondest of thoughts. Calling you exactly 30 days prior to the event, I definitely couldn’t have made it happen without you!
— Shawn Kelly
CAE76 did a wonderful job of planning my daughter’s Birthday party. I explained exactly what I wanted and Tamara did that and more, by adding personal touches and that let me know that this was not a copy but a signature event. Seeking out the perfect venue and helped create a fantastic unforgettable setting. Everyone was asking me who helped me plan the party. I am so excited for my next party to work with Tamara, and to create an occasion just as special and memorable.
— Tricia

What We Don't Do


Cae 76 is dedicated to designing small, intimate events and weddings. In order to accomplish this, I do not design events for over 60 guests.



if we sound like we're a good fit.

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