How to Throw a Football Party (When You Don’t Give a Damn About Football)

There are many wonderful things about Fall – the changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, cider, cool weather, sweaters,

Despite the fact I couldn’t give a damn about football, I’d be foolish to say football isn’t a staple of American autumns. Football games, like dinner parties or vacations, are about more than just the football. They’re about community. And if you’re going to see any of your family and friends this fall, you better be willing to attend some football parties.

Better yet, why not host your own? As someone who isn’t all that into football, throwing a football watch party gives you the opportunity to create a party that everyone can enjoy – not just the sports fanatics.


Buffalo Chicken Dip

Keep it near the TV as guests settle in for the first quarter.

Loaded Nacho Fries

French fries and nachos all in one? Talk about a touchdown.

Lemon Pepper / Bourbon Honey Wings

What’s a halftime show without wings?

Sausage Stuffed Jalapeno Stuffers

Perfect for when the game really starts to heat up.


If you host an alcohol-free football party, you better expect your guests to bail by halftime. Instead, keep them happy and buzzed with these drinks.

Guinness Floats

No football party is complete without beer. You could be lazy and throw some cheap Pilsners on ice, but why not wow your guests with something unique and unexpected?

One of the best tasting experiences I ever had was with a Guinness Float. Once the cool weather starts blowing in, stouts are an oh-so-delicious treat, and adding ice cream (and chocolate syrup!) takes this hearty pint to the next level.

Vodka Punch

Let’s say you’re hoping to at least feign interest in the game. If so, Guinness Floats may not be the easiest choice, as they must be made on the spot. Instead, try a classic vodka punch. It’s simple and can be made in advance, giving you the time to watch the halftime show.

This recipe can serve up to 28 people, so it’s guaranteed to last a while (unless your team starts losing – then you might have to make another batch).


– 1 qt. of cranberry juice cocktail (or grape juice–either will work fine)

– 1 can (6 oz.) of frozen lemonade

– 2 cups of Kettle One Vodka or a vodka of your choice

– 1 ½  quarts of 7-UP soda, chilled*

*I would strongly suggest 7-UP for this, because it really has a better taste to me


Step 1: Combine the cranberry juice, frozen lemonade, and vodka in a pitcher

Step 2: Add 7-UP

PRO TIP 1: Add the 7-UP slowlyyy because that splash of vodka burns like HELL.

PRO TIP 2: Put the ice in glasses rather than the punch itself, and wait to do so until your guests arrive and are ready to imbibe. No one likes watered-down cocktails.


Win or lose, this football party will be one to remember. You just might get a reputation and end up hosting football parties all season long.

Not quite sure how to get started? Head over to my services to see how I can help you throw the best watch party of the season.