Welcome to Cae 76–a design service creating intimate events and interiors that take risks and push boundaries.

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My name is Tamara — I'm the event and interior designer behind Cae 76.

I started planning events over 20 years ago, but it was not until I planned my own wedding that I decided event planning was the career I wanted to pursue.

I quickly learned, however, that it was not the planning I enjoyed most, but the designing. I loved crafting color palettes, choosing textures, and designing spaces. I loved curating menus, pairing wines, and selecting candles that filled a room with a luxurious scent perfectly suited for the event. The designing, not the planning, was my true passion.

So I founded Cae 76.

I believe it is not how clean a house is, how well a party was executed, or what the preacher said at the wedding that guests remember. Guests remember the tablescapes, furniture, and floral arrangements; the lights, food, and invitations. These details are what set the tone and leave a lasting impression.

That is what I am to do: make your event, home, or wedding stand out. 


I aim to design an distinctive, bold, and luxurious event or home that is true to who you are–a design that takes risks and sets a new standard for every guest who walks through the door.
— Tamara Marcae Jones-Edmond
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